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Ultra space-efficient EcoTensil products are made from pleasingly smooth paperboard, similar to a paper cup. In one fun fold they become sturdy and sustainable utensils.

EcoTaster tasting utensils, made from our “Green Dot” material, are our greenest products, and perfect for a few bites.

EcoSpoon and iScoop, made from our “Blue Dot” paperboard, are our longest lasting products, perfect for full servings

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EcoTaster Mini
EcoTaster Mini
The EcoTaster Mini is perfect to use with even the smallest sample cups, for dipping, or to plate smaller bites. The "bowl" is almost full-sized. FSC renewable "Green Dot" paperboard is compostable and recyclable.
[11/4” W x 31/4” L]
EcoTaster Mid
EcoTaster Mid
Our EcoTaster Mid tasting utensil is similar to the Mini but is 15% bigger with a back-stop for catching liquids. It is perfect for sampling larger bites or plating foods directly on the EcoTaster instead of using a cup AND fork.
[13/8” W x 33/4” L]
Eco-iScoop is the revolutionary little ice cream taster made from sustainable, silky-smooth paperboard. Makes passing a sample easier.
[1 1/2" W x 2 7/8" L]
EcoSpoon5 is our full-sized, longest lasting spoon. Great for full servings, from a big bowl of frozen yogurt to a hot bowl of chili. EcoSpoons are made from a highly moisture resistant material similar to that used for paper soda cups.
[5" Long]

Tip: We recommend taking a dozen or so EcoTensils and pre-folding all at once, then inserting into a dispenser. This make loading faster for servers and easier for self-service.

Note: For high-moisture content food, we recommend serving “Green-dot” EcoTasters on the side of the cup rather than IN the product, if product will be sitting more that a couple of minutes.

All orders ship next business day. Please call us at 415-924-0233 for next day delivery orders.